Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What happened to Spring?

I'm sitting here looking out at a vast sea of white snow, thinking of all the thousands of seedlings we have growing in the hoophouse, and wondering how the timing is going to work out if temps fall back into the teens next week.  Yikes. One thing I've learned is that we don't give enough credit to the survival factor of cold weather plants - I'll bet the kale, spinach, chervil and parsley are going to do just fine, with a little help from another layer of remay. Fingers crossed.  We've had a tough beginning so far with voracious moles and a very determined rabbit. Caught the little bunny in a have-a-heart trap and relocated to a far end of the farm.  Happy to report our seedlings this year look awesome - both greens and flowers.  Transplanting soon and harvesting spinach and kale that have overwintered.  Stay tuned for a picture of the tulips, which are up 6 inches and growing fast!

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