Monday, December 21, 2015

Still harvesting!

We still have salad mix (lettuce and asian greens), spinach, kale and chard looking good in the hoophouses - pretty awesome.  Over the weekend, it was 62 degrees in there when the sun was out!  This time of year though, the light is making the big difference on how much the greens are growing. When the days get to be under 10 hours of daylight everything pretty much slows waaaaaaay down. We're doing once/week harvesting instead of twice and having to cut back on how many customers we can serve. Today is solstice, the shortest day (or the longest night whichever you choose to focus on) of the year.  This week we have salad mix, kale and chard going to Shelburne Market, Richmond Market and Lantmans. Going to give the spinach a week or so to regrow because we harvested hard last week.