Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flowers in Bloom!

Sigh - I thought I could keep up with a weekly update on what's available, but these weeks just seem to slip by before ya know it. All the greens are growing and loving this cooler, damp weather (glad somebody does).  On the last week of spinach though, it's decided to bolt and we'll cruise through the summer before planting more next fall.  Have beautiful chard, robust lettuce, super tasting kale, a hoophouse full of mustard greens and flowers!  Interesting budding this year.  I think with the few days of extreme hot weather, then days and nights of cooler weather, the buds set on the plants much shorter than normal. Should all even out though - the bachelor buttons, saponaria and bupleurum are close to 3 feet!

Here's a list of the flowers we have this week:
Bachelor buttons
Field Daisies
Calendula (double/triple petaled and gorgeous)

Next week the peonies, double petaled poppies and dianthus should be blooming.
Happy June to you!