Saturday, November 25, 2017

November updates

Can't believe an entire month has gone by without posting - sigh - can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already.  Can't believe we had snow already here in the valley and that it stayed a couple of days!  And now it feels balmy again.  Very strange weather to be growing things in. I was feeling kind of bad because our kale and chard didn't get as big as they have been in falls past, then I heard that many other farms are experiencing the same thing, plus getting hit hard with disease on the spinach and vole invasions.  Guess we're pretty lucky overall.  Just delivered literally armfuls of red, orange and yellow twigs to our florists for wreaths and holiday decorations. Nature provides no matter what the season, if we know how and where to look.  I'm learning a lot from our florist customers on Mother Nature treasures. Starting the first horse holiday rides in Middlebury next Saturday.  Our heads of lettuce sales have taken off this year, thanks to new restaurant clients.
   Several weeks ago, I was feeling kind of down because of my perceived pressure of competition among all the flower growers in our area.  I was telling this to a friend and she quietly said, "wouldn't it be wonderful if there were flowers for everyone and you could fill the whole world with flowers"? She was so right, and it opened up the doors of possibilities to me, because of course, there is always room for more flowers, for more love, for more gratitude, joy, laughter, sharing and embracing wholeness everywhere.  In this holiday season, may you find the doors opening for you for infinite possibilities.

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